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Please feel free to make a firm appointment or enquire about my availability by email or telephone.

Your privacy is, of course, paramount to me and I will never disclose any details to a third party. If you wish to email me in confidence, then you can set up a free temporary email account with companies such as Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo in order to keep your real email address private during our initial discussions.

When calling for the first time you can withhold your number if you prefer to by dialling 141 before calling to ensure it is kept private.

Make your first contact memorable. Be concise, honest, friendly and open about your requirements to ensure you get what you want.

If this your first time of booking a male escort/masseur and you are a little nervous or awkward, tell me, it is part of my service to help you feel at ease.

You already know a lot about me from my website, but I know nothing about you. The purpose of the first contact is that it gives me an opportunity to get to know you a little, so please tell me about yourself, your name, profession, your city, interests etc.

You dont need to get too specific as I can read between the lines. This all helps make the process of getting acquainted go much more smoothly.

If youre just making an enquiry and not ready to confirm an appointment, please be honest and tell me your intentions. If you do want to arrange an appointment, please suggest the date, best time for you and tell me the hotel where you will be staying.


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Enquiries and bookings from clients and potential clients are welcomed.

Mobile: 07927 921389

Outside UK: 0044 07927 921389